Proxy does not hyphenate when redirected

edited May 23, 2018
I have separate proxies specified for https and http ( and respectively) with hyphen substitution checked for the https one. is listed under the https one, not the http one.

Going to

I get correctly redirected to

Everything great so far.

However, when going through a redirect to that same article, be it through a link shortener or DOI link, the hyphenation doesn't happen and I get

and, of course, an SSL error warning with that:
Happening on these two: (going to a different version of the link)

Debug ID: from the Chrome connector: D1677650008

I haven't gotten to testing this more widely, but I'm pretty sure I've seen this on other sites and this isn't specific to Annual Reviews
  • You shouldn't have proxies with separate schemes anymore, and I believe they should've been migrated together automatically. (@adomasven can confirm.) If you just have one scheme-less proxy, does it work?
  • edited May 23, 2018
    (That's 'scheme' in the HTTP sense — i.e., 'https://' or 'https://' — not the 'Scheme' field in the proxy prefs.)
  • OK, on deleting one scheme and changing the other to
    this works, thanks. Not sure why this wouldn't have migrated, but it's possible I did something manual to get it to work a while back.
  • I'm not sure why it's even still possible to have proxies with schemes configured. We'll take a look.
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