D. Kim et al. vs Kim et al. (initial added but not sure why; looks inconsistent)

In this screenshot you see that an initial D. has been added to a citation but I'm not sure why. Is this to differentiate between other Kim's who are also being cited? Otherwise it makes my citations look inconsistent in their formatting.

  • See https://www.zotero.org/support/kb/given_name_disambiguation

    My first guess is that you have cited multiple authors with the name Kim. APA style calls for initials to be added to disambiguate them in that case. If not, then you likely have the author inconsistently entered in your library (e.g., sometimes as D. Kim and sometimes as Daniel Kim). Make sure that you type the same name consistently for each item in your library.
  • Yeah, you're right; I checked other Kim's and they've changed as well. Thanks!
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