Feature request: parse dates of publication so they can be stored in a shorter format

I have only so much space on my screen so I only like to give enough space in the publication date column of Zotero to display the date in the format YYYY MM DD. It's annoying when the publication date is in the format MMMMMMMMM DD YYYY, where the month is spelled out in letters because then I can't see the year. If I extend the width of the date column I have to do so at the expense of the portion of the article title. It would be great if Zotero could interpret the dates and store them in a more compact format. Even if it's too difficult to distinguish between MM DD and DD MM, it's at least possible to determine that November can be reliably represented as 11.
  • You're aware that there is a "Year" column you can use instead of the full date?

    That said, Zotero already parses dates, and I believe there's an open ticket for normalizing them for the middle panel.
  • I was not aware. I'll use the year column instead. Thanks very much.
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