What has and hasn't been indexed


Is there a simple way to see which documents have been indexed, and which I need to OCR so that they can be indexed later?

  • for individual documents you can see the indexed yes/no on the right. To search for all non-indexed items, and advanced search for attachment content -- does not contain -- %
    should work, I believe (convert to a saved search to be able to work with the results)
  • Hey, I see how that should work in principal however the search is returning the full library. The saved search looks like this

    Attachment Content -- does not contain -- %
    Show only top-level items

    My library is made up of "journal papers", "books", etc all with PDF attachments on a local drive. Thoughts?
  • Don't check the "Show only top-level items" box and add "Attachment File Type" -- is -- PDF as a second condition with Match All

    Note that the search will include all siblings and parents of unindexed items, but they'll be greyed out.
  • The filter should be Attachment Content -- does not contain -- .

    If it is the "%", several indexed PDFs would be searched and displayed.

    Please comment on this. Thx
  • No, % is a wildcard meaning “anything”
  • (you can also use . if you previously set the search mode to regular expression, but that's not the default)
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