Automatic Rename file with parent metadata


Is there any way to use the option "automatic rename file with parent metadata" at the moment we add it to zotero (When zotero automatically downloads the pdf from the webpage)?

Either that, or run a script or other way to do it for every new file?

Thank you.
  • Zotero should already do that -- could you describe the exact sequence in which it doesn't?
  • I am seeing the same issue:
    When I use the Zotero plugin in Chrome to capture a journal article, it pulls in the PDF if available, but it is given a default name "Full Text PDF" rather than renamed with the metadata. However, when I download the PDF manually and then drag it onto the Zotero database entry, it is renamed automatically as expected.
  • I should say I'm running Zotero 5.0.47 on a Macbook Pro OS 10.12.6 and Chrome browser 66.0.3359.139.
  • "Full Text PDF" is not the filename. It's a label given to the file based on what it is (in this case a full text PDF). You can see the filename in the right-hand panel when you select the attachment in the middle panel.
  • OK -- but when I drag a PDF onto an entry, Zotero gives it matching file name and label. In this instance I see that you are correct, it has renamed the file, but not the label. Why the different behavior -- is there a reason I should view this as a feature rather thn a bug?
  • Because there's no way to assign it a label -- we don't know what the PDF is.

    Having the label for automatically downloaded PDFs can be convenient (e.g. it allows easier searching for those files) and I see very little downside to it.

    So it's definitely not a bug in the technical sense of the word. Whether it's still optimal UX given recent changes to Zotero's rename behavior I'm not sure. Personally I don't really think it matters much either way -- why do you care, for example?
  • Maybe now that I realize is is only the label... it won't bother me so much. But, it seems strange that it labels them differently depending on how I add the full text. I don't like feeling that I need to look and see that the label and the filename are different. There are a lot of files that were added before this recent change to Zotero that don't have good filenames and I try to fix them when I encounter them. Now, I need to take an extra step and check the filename to be sure.

  • Everything that has a "Full text PDF" or similar label will have had its filename renamed since the beginning of Zotero, so you don't actually need to check the filename for those items.
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