Translator request

Hi, Le Temps is a major newspaper in Switzerland.
It would be great if somebody could make a translator for it !

Another major Swiss newspaper is "La Tribune de Genève":
There's already a translator for Newsnet / Tamedia of which tdg is part of, but it can't recognise it. I guess it would require minor modifications to the Newsnet / Tamedia translator to include it.

I'm beginning to try to understand how to make / modify translators but I'm not there yet unfortunately...

  • I updated the NewsnetTamedia translator to include now also these two newspapers. This will be deployed automatically in the next hours or you can update the translators manually now.

    The main change needed was to extend the target expression, see . The other changes were mostly to cleaning up more the results and handle different cases occuring in the different test cases, which were updated at the end.

    Let me know when you need any advice for your further learning of translator coding.
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    @zuphilip this is awesome, thank you very much ! I just noticed a small problem for the "tribune de genève" & "le matin" newspapers. When importing, the first name of the author includes "par" (by). I don't know if there is a simple way to correct this ?
  • I see that some articles in these newspapers also work well with the author names. Cleaning and splitting author names is always tricky when there is not more structured data available. We could use a replace on the string for these cases, which should be save, because "Par" is not possible as a first name. @tibr Can you change this in the translator and send a pull request? I am happy to advice you through this process.
  • I wish I could do this, but I'm far from knowing how to, sorry... I have basically 0 knowledge on this, and feel a bit intimidated by it. It's not a huge problem though, I can definitely change it manually after import. Thanks again for your work. Tim
  • Okay, I fixed it. The update should be available shortly. I created a video for you how I fixed it: . The materials of my Zotero Translators Workshop (in German) are also online.
  • Thanks you so much ! I'll try to have a look at your workshops, it will be the double benefit of teaching me coding and work my german... ;)
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