Importing CSL file into Zotero

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I want to import a CSL file into my Zotero Style Manager which works fine. However, once I close Zotero and start it up on another day I have to import the CSL file again. Is there a way to permanently import the CSL file?
Thanks in advance!
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    The CSL file does not need to import twice. It sounds like you change any different CSL style and this is "updated" by the original style from the repository. Can you provide more info what you exactly have done?
  • yes, if I had to guess you imported a custom style but didn't change the style ID:
  • Hello, I have the exact same problem with our "custom" citation style based on ISO-690 (author, date - French). Every time our students open Zotero or Word they need to import the .csl file again.
    Is this the field I need to replace with my "own" style ID ?
    And how do I create this new ID for our citation style ?
    Many thanks in advance.
  • Just change the <id> field at the top of the style to anything else. The link doesn’t have to be real. If you don’t change it, as you’ve noticed, your changes will be overwritten the next time the official style updates.
  • yes it is. You can just make up any URL that doesn't already point to an existing style, so
    will work, for example. It doesn't have to be a working link.
  • Got it. I will try it and let you know if anything goes wrong.
    Thank you very much for your quick replies !
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