All columns displayed after latest beta upgrade

edited April 12, 2018
I just updated to 5.0.45-beta.3+9a304b669.

When I opened Zotero, all of the possible columns in the column picker were enabled, and the order of my columns was rearranged to the order shown in the column picker.

No errors in the Error log.
  • If you disable some of the columns and restart do they return again? Does it occur in a new profile?
  • If I modify the columns, the changes persist. I will check a new profile later.
  • I doubt this was anything about the beta. I don't think there've been any changes near that code in quite a while. (But I also don't recall any other reports of this.)
  • I saw this once in a Juris-M build, a week or so ago. I scratched my head, unselected the columns to get back to just title, and everything worked.
  • Yeah, my other computers have updated to the latest beta with no issues. Not sure what may have caused it, and I can't reproduce.
  • If there's an unexpected column in the serialization format, that's what I used to see -- all columns displayed, fixed after save (because that saves only the valid columns)
  • I did have BBT on this computer, so maybe it had something to do with the citekey column?
  • (now that you mention it, I think I did see this after installing BBT for testing - possibly just after disabling it?)
  • BBT tries to clean up the now-unexpected column as it's disabled, but does so by a monkey patch, and I don't really know how well that works when BBT is already disabled.
  • (if it's BBT, the column would be zotero-items-column-citekey)
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