Managed attachments disappeared

I'm very surprised and disappointed to notice that the option 'Extract Annotations from PDF Files' disappeared. I couldn't Zotfile in Zotero (error of compatibility)

Configuration :
Zotero connector 5.0.35
Firefox 59.0.2
Zotero standalone 5.0.44
Linux Mint 64 bits (latest)
  • This has always been a ZotFile function and ZotFile is very much compatible with Zotero 5.0.44: note that you do _not_ want to install it in Firefox. You want it in Zotero. See the installation instructions on
  • Hello, I finally got it working by installing the beta version (5.0.45-beta.2+9a304b669). I'm not sure what went wrong with the other version...
  • You definitely don't need the beta version, and the beta version is currently basically equivalent to the release version anyhow. This doesn't have anything to do with your Zotero version — you just need ZotFile installed in Zotero.

    (If you want to keep the beta installed, that's fine, but be prepared for more frequent updates and occasional glitches.)
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