Last name, first name autofilling doesn't work as well in 5.0.42

I've noticed that the autofill for author names no longer separates first and last in the current version. It used to be that, in the "(last)" field, I could type "Nuss..." and it would autofill "Nussbaum, Martha C.", distributing the Nussbaum to the last name field and the "Martha C." to the first name field. in the current version, when I select the autofill suggestion, it puts the whole name in the last name field. This makes it useless as a should either populate both fields like in the previous version, or only suggest actual last names if that is not possible. Is this an easy fix?
  • I'm pretty sure nothing about this has changed recently, and it still works for me. Most likely the specific names you're trying are just entered incorrectly (with all parts in the Last Name field) in the other items.
  • Thanks for the response. I am quite sure that it is not the case that the names are already entered incorrectly in other records. The problem happens with literally any name I select to auto-populate the (last) field. It happens whether I edit an existing record or add a new record. Weird that you are not having the same problem... I guess I'll just see if it goes away with the next update.
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