Style Request: [Natures Sciences Sociétés]

Dear Zotero community, I'm looking for the style of "Natures Sciences Sociétés" (NSS), an English-French interdisciplinary journal. It somehow looks like the CSL of "Acta Histochemica".

Instructions for authors can be found at >

Here are the ISSN and eISSN >
ISSN: 1240-1307 - eISSN: 1765-2979

And the citations as follow >

In-text citation:
One author > (Author, 1997)
Two authors > (Author and Author, 1997)
More than two authors > (Author et al., 1997)
Multiple in-text citations > (Author, 1996, Author, 1997)
When the name of the reference author is quoted in the text body, only the publication year is given in parentheses > " According to Author (1997)... "


Journal Article >
Cerf, M., 1996. Approches cognitives des pratiques agricoles: intérêts et limites pour les agronomes, Natures Sciences Sociétés, 4, 4, 327-339.

Book Chapter >

Fabbe-Costes, N., 1997. Les multiples rôles du système d'information et de communication dans l'action stratégique, in Avenier, M.-J. (Ed.), La Stratégie « chemin faisant », Paris, Economica, 251-270.

Book >

Reix, R., 1996. Systèmes d'information et management des organisations, Paris, Vuibert.

Thesis, DEA and Report >

Ognov, A., 2000. Systèmes d'information et traçabilité dans les exploitations agricoles : éléments de diagnostic. Mémoire de Diplôme d'agronomie approfondi, INA P-G, Paris.

(Where an article or document can be downloaded or consulted on the Internet, indicate the relevant URL in parentheses at the end of the reference.
Please specify the DOI of a bibliographic reference where available:
Schneider, S.H., 1989. The greenhouse effect: Science and policy, Science, 243, 4892, 771-781, doi: 10.1126/science.243.4892.771.)

Here is an open-access article from NSS >

Thanks for any help!

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