Retrieve Metadata in group Fails with "an unexpected error occurred"

Debug ID D79243046
- Zotero 5.0.42 on Windows -- happens only in a group (QDR Resources ; public/closed)
- keeps happening after restart with all add-ons disabled (the above debug is from this)
- Database integrity passes
- I'm able to add files & metadata in that group, so likely not a rights issue
- The same operation works in My Library (and I can in fact do this in My Library & drag the item over, so this isn't super critical)
- The PDF in question is but this appears to be a general issue

- I'm seeing a foreign key constraint in the error message, so just in case this is due to a third-party add-on, I've been using Better BibTeX, Zotero, Zutilo (on a different machine) and ZotFile on this database).

Let me know if you need anything else
  • Thanks — it was saving (or, when in a collection, trying to save and failing) parent items to My Library when retrieving metadata for certain PDFs in group libraries. Fixed in the latest beta. We'll put out 5.0.43 soon with this fix.
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