Spellcheck dictionary

Is there any way to modify the Zotero spellcheck dictionary? Can I copy a modified dictionary (such as the one I use in Microsoft Word that includes my manually added words) into C:\Program Files (x86)\Zotero\dictionaries?

Also, feature request for right-click option "add to dictionary" when the team updates spellcheck in general.
  • Can anyone provide information?
  • Hi, does no one know the answer to this? Is this an issue with TinyMCE rather than Zotero?
  • Also, reporting a bug related to spellcheck: in notes, words are spell-checked if a space is typed, but not if enter is typed to create a new line.
  • I'm trying again to see if anyone will respond to my query. Someone must know the answer to how Zotero does spellcheck.
  • Spellcheck is provided by TinyMCE, Zotero doesn’t touch it at all.
  • It's provided by the Mozilla platform, not TinyMCE, but it is indeed not Zotero code at all. You can technically modify or add files in the correct format to the 'dictionaries' folder in the installation directory (and update spellchecker.dictionary to choose a different language), but you might have to reapply the change after every update, and modifying the installation directory obviously isn't something we recommend or support.
  • I just learned that Firefox allows right-click "Add to Dictionary" for spellcheck.

    Since Zotero is based on the Mozilla platform, could a similar feature be added fairly easily?
  • Definitely not easy, no. Spellcheck in notes only works by coincidence, really (e.g., you also can't choose the language) -- I'm not sure if devs are planning any work on it at all.
  • OK, thanks. Honestly, if spellcheck works only by coincidence, isn't supported by Zotero developers, and users can't choose language or add/remove words, I think it should be removed from Zotero standalone. Spellcheck also has a strange bug that words aren't spellchecked if you type a line break after them ('enter' rather than 'space).
  • @LiborA thanks for the pointer.
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