Help me create a Zotero training video

edited November 11, 2017
I plan to create a Zotero training video to meet the needs of beginner to intermediate level users. I have a draft table of contents (ToC) for what I wish to cover in this video.

1. Would expert users or those who have done Zotero training be interested in reviewing my ToC and provide feedback?

2. Can folks recommend a good software tool to create such a video. I need something that can create a high-definition video since Zotero text and icons need to be visible, capture good quality audio (I'll be speaking), and have a manageable file size. If I can add on-screen text after the video is created, that is great, but I can live without it.
  • 1. Sure -- you could post it here if you don't mind and I'm happy to take a look as I'm sure would be others like Rintze and bwiernik.

    2. Camtasia is great for production quality screencasts & has a 30 day free trial.
  • Thanks! I will post the ToC as Word file somewhere and link it here.
  • Honestly, it would be easier if you just posted an outline here or on another web page, rather than attachment file that has to be downloaded.
  • @bwiernik I did consider that, but given the detailed ToC and comments/notes I have on some line items, posting here will not help with reviewing the document. The best thing to do might be to post it such that the document can be directly edited. Something like Office 365, which I do not have at home. Or, maybe Google Docs will work (I don't know)? If not, then it will have to be download a word file, provide your comments, and upload it (or email it).
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    Yes, Google Docs is probably the easiest.
  • Any progress about your training video? I also have the same idea, but I am gong to make it in Bahasa Indonesia.
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