Converting from ODT to Word

I am currently trying to convert a document from ODT to Word while preserving the live citation. At the moment, however, I seem to be incapable to do so. These are the steps I have been taken.

1. Opening the document created by using the ODT scan in LibreOffice
2. Click on the options button and change from reference to bookmark.
3. Save document as .docx
4. Open in Word.

This results in completely inactive Zotero fields. What is is even stranger, when I open the Zotero options in word, the options menu presents with the options to save citation as reference and bookmarks, rather than the Word specific fields and bookmarks.

Thoughts? Or have I just mis-understood, and it is not possible to preserve active fields between the two programs? (in which case, it would be really awesome if ODT scan could output docx files!)

I am currently using LibreOffice, Word 2016, on a Windows 10 64bit machine, with Zotero 5.0.41. As far as I know, these are all the latest updates for all of these programs.
  • ... and I seen to have made it work. The answer was to close and re-open Zotero standalone before opening the document in word, which now seems to give me the correct options windows. I also needed to make sure to hit re-fresh to manually change the citations to booksmarks (even though the options gave the impressions that they would convert automatically)
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