How to update "Current Usage" after deleting files

I have eliminated a lot of files in my library (Quota 2000 MB) to have more free space, but after that the "Current Usage" percentage has not changed. I would like to know how to update the percentage of "Current Usage" keeping the current files in my library.
When I click on "Purge Storage" there is a message: "You are about to remove all uploaded files associated with your personal library". But I want to keep my files. What is the solution? Thanks.
  • Empty your Zotero trash and then sync.
  • I am trying to do the same, eliminating files in a collection of a group library, but I can't seem to be able to empty trash, nor can I just delete them using the "delete item" option.

    A separate issue is that I have a few pdf files dragged into the collection for which I have not created parent items. I can't find a way to delete the pdf files. For reasons unclear to me the option "move item to trash" is grayed out. How do I get rid of those files then?
  • this sounds like you may just not have the requisite permissions in the group
  • I created the group.

    I found out a workaround after I posted my question - it seems like I was able to delete the files in the trash using the web interface. Very cumbersome though because files need to be selected one by one.
  • I am still not able to delete the pdf files though, in a collection in a group library that I created. Like I said, the option "move item to trash" is not available. The option "create parent item" is also grayed out. I can't delete them using the web interface either. When I do that, there is a wheel spinning forever but nothing gets done. Pretty certain the files are still there, both on my desktop and on the server, as I can open them.
  • Can you add new files?
    It's certainly not a general problem -- top level files in groups have the move item to trash option.
  • No I can't add new files. I think the problem may have occurred as a result of my failed attempt to delete the whole collection and items all at once. It was a failure in the sense that the whole collection remained intact. But after that something changed; the whole collection and items within seem to be stuck in limbo.

    What do I do now?
  • Restart Zotero and try again.
  • I did that already, and even upgraded to the latest desktop version, and the pdf files still cannot be deleted. I think the problem is on the server side. When I try to delete the pdf files on the server, I get a spinning wheel that doesn't stop. I can create new items but am not able to attach/upload even the smallest pdfs (~100kb).
  • Two of the groups you're an owner of have file editing disabled. (If the website is showing you options to modify those files, that's a bug.) Re-enable those settings, sync, clean up your library as you want, and then if you prefer disable file editing again.
  • The disabled setting has to do with another potential "bug" -- I posted in a separate thread on my attempt to remove files from online storage by selecting "no group file storage". Doing that did not remove the files but now I see it does limit my ability to delete them manually. After I re-enabled file editing I was able to delete the pdf files.
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