Attaching file folders, not just files, to a Zotero item

One of my entries/items is a statistical course. This course has files and folders associated with it. The folders are for specific topics within the course. I know how to attach associated files to a Zotero item, but is there a way to attach entire folders and the items in those folders? I would really like to keep the organization of the course sections provided by the folders.
  • While you could create a zip file and attach that, it seems clumsy. Why not just keep the folder on your harddisk and link to a file in it. You can then use "Show file" to see the whole folder.
  • @adamsmith I thought about that, but I occasionally use zotero from my home computer and it would be nice to have the option of accessing all attached files. I tend to use zotero to help organize files on my computer relevant to a current project. It would be nice if there was an option for sub-folders for attachments to zotero items. I can't imagine it would be that hard to do, but I'm not a programmer.
  • It's not trivial, no. You could sync those folders with a different tool (e.g. Dropbox) and then use Zotero's relative link base directory function (advanced tab of the prefs) to make sure they work across computers.
  • I also would like this feature.
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