Can we add citation and let Zotero fill the info?

edited March 25, 2018
I would like to know if we can copy an APA citation from internet (scholar or other papers) and paste it to software and let it fill the gaps? I get confused to fill the gaps if I add the citations by myself. Thank you.
  • No, but you may use other tools to help import formatted bibliographies.

    Adding the item from a catalog or publisher's page or by identifier tends to offer the best experience, though.
  • With APA citations, either following the DOI link to the publisher page and importing from there or using the DOI with the magic wand tool in Zotero will yield the best results.
  • Sometimes it is really hard to find the publisher page or DOI link. That's why I looked for another option. The only info I have for papers is from another paper's reference list or Scholar citations
  • Searching the title and authors in CrossRef is a good way to find the DOI for references that don’t provide one.

    Not sure what you mean by “Scholar citations”. On Google Scholar, just click the item title link to go to the publisher page. That will virtually always yield better data than importing directly from Google Scholar.
  • Thank you for providing CrossRef page.
    I mean Google Scholar does not always provide publisher page.
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