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I'm trying to create a snap package in order to install zotero-standalone in linux distributions. I found an interesting thread in the snapcraft forum:

WIth the code in that post, I started the following project:

It can be installed with:
sudo snap install --edge zotero-standalone

It seems that it works in Ubuntu 16.04 with wayland and x11, although more testing should be done.

Is there any chance to distribute zotero officially as a snap?


  • Could something like this be used to auto-update the snaps: ?

    How would auto-update zotero when a new release comes out? Do you know where snaps are installed? I could well use this in my tests.
  • That script downloads the last zotero.tar.gz for linux-x86_64 available in to build the snap. I have not worked in other architectures yet. If a commit is pushed to the github repository it triggers the build. It can be also manually triggered, and always downloads from that URL.

    I use to build the snap. First, I logged in that web with the github account, in order to use the automatic build. Then, I had to register the snap name in to publish in the store. I probably did wrong registering the "zotero-standalone" name. If you decide to release an official snap, I will delete my protect. I did it just to know it was possible.

    The snaps are installed in /snap/, in Ubuntu at least.

    I still have to improve the desktop icon.
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    If a commit is pushed to the github repository it triggers the build.
    If a commit is pushed to, you mean?
  • What happens if there's an update on the Zotero release channel, though?
  • That's what I was wondering about.

    Isn't there a desktop icon in the archive of the releases? I thought there was.
  • Isn't there a desktop icon in the archive of the releases?
    Yes, and it's included in the Snap package. I don't think it renders properly on Ubuntu in general, though — not sure why.

    There's an open ticket for a Snap package on GitHub. @ibaidev, can you post this there?
  • Yes, I mean that, now, the build is triggered when you push to However, my proposal is to have the "snap/" folder in the zotero official repository, so that when a new zotero version is released, starts to build and finally releases in, everything in the name of zotero and nothing is related to my accounts nor my repositories.

    I'm having issues to run the "snap run zotero-standalone" (I get a "Bad system call"), although it runs well with "/snap/zotero-standalone/current/zotero". I have to find whats going wrong. The desktop icon is not automatically copied on install neither. I'll tell you if I'm able to solve these issues.
  • Hello guys! Any new developments in this regard? As a user, I think having the possibility of officially installing Zotero on Linux either as a snap or as a Flatpack would be a great step forward. Thanks!
  • Hi vjjaimez! I gave up trying to create the snap package. There were a couple of problems. On the one hand, there was a conflict between the sandboxes of snapd and firefox. You have either to disable the sanbox of firefox, or allow it on snapd. Although I was able to allow it on snapd, when I tried to submit the package to snapcraft they rejected it. On the other hand, there was a problem with Wayland that I was not able to solve. It works correctly in X11, though. I think that if finally they decide to move zotero to electron I will be much easier to create this package.
  • It's a pity, but thanks for the response and the hard work!
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    @ibaidev I have no idea about snap, or much about zotero's development.
    Would it be possible to have firefox interact via a network socket? Which might remove the sandbox issues...
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