RSS Feeds: can't save items to My Library folders

I am able to save items to Zotero from my Chrome add-in. However, when I try to save items from Feeds in Zotero, I see the message "Saving to " in the lower right corner but that message never goes away and the item to be saved never appears in the folder. Does anyone else have this problem? We are using 5.0.23. Thanks!
  • 1) Upgrade to the latest version of Zotero.

    2) If you're still having trouble, provide a Report ID to start.
  • I have the same problem too, but I don't understand what the " Report ID to start" means.
  • Report ID in dstillman’s post is a link with instructions
  • I installed the latest version of Zotero and still see the same problem. I'll follow the instructions for the Report ID later this week and submit.
  • I've replicated two problems we have with Zotero at your latest version and tried to submit the error log. The submit failed, so I will need to provide you with the error log some other way. The submit failure is probably due to the certificate issue. I will attempt to insert the error log into the next post or two. Thanks!

    So...we have three problems that you may see in this log.
    1) certificate error...not what I'm primarily concerned with now. the next two problems were occurring before the certificate error started (which was recently)

    2) when we try to save an item from the RSS feed, the message "saving to Tech" freezes on the screen and does not go away. The item from the feed never appears in the Tech folder.

    3) When we attempt to add a feed using a URL for certain web sites, the "Save" button stays grayed out after we paste in the URL. It seems that Zotero doesn't recognize some URLs as RSS feeds. It will recognize the feed URL from CNN and NYT, but it doesn't recognize the feed URL from Wired magazine or from our Primo discovery interface. Note that Ellysa Cahoy was advocating for integration of library discovery services in citation management services like Zotero ("Leave the browser behind: Placing discovery within the user's workflow" doi:10.18352/lq.10221). If you guys could get this to work, we could probably get one of our organizations to switch from Endnote to you. Here is an RSS feed URL from our Primo Discovery that wasn't working:
  • You'll need to fix the certificate issues before we can debug anything else. It's likely that the network requests required to save are just being blocked. That Primo URL works fine for me.

    See SSL Certificate Error.
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