Zotero 5.0 Beta on MacOs Sierra

I am a (re)new user of Zotero (returning to use Zotero after many years).

Anytime I try to import a PDF after searching, I get the message/popup box with the message,
"TypeError:item.GetSource is not a function"
But then when I close the window, the PDF and the associated text is added to the Zotero database.
Is this a bug? What is going on?
(I use Zotero on macOS, Sierra, on a Macbook Pro, with Firefox 49.0.1.

Is it OK to post this kind of message/question here?
  • Do you still have ZotFile installed? If so, which version? That seems like it'd like be a ZotFile error.
  • Thank you for the note @adamsmith. I found out another add-on was causing the problem, after removing that add-on, it seems to have disappeared. I have removed ZotFile.
  • Hello friends, I recently upgraded to the new macOS Sierra 10.12 on a MacBook Pro (Mid-2014 Vintage) a few days ago, and Zotero seems to work fine except that now the application is the only one I see so far that does not allow me to left-click-drag its window across the screen. The only way around this I've found is to resize the window piecemeal by dimension to ooch it over to another location on my screen. I remember being able to move it around like any other application window. I a using an ordinary wire-USB Logitech mouse (laser track) that works cleanly for every single other purpose, just not for click-drag for this Zotero window. I just restarted my computer after shutting everything off, etc. (the usual stuff), but no dice. Any thoughts?
  • @poreilly: Check for updates and install the latest version. This was an issue in earlier betas, but it should work fine with the latest (currently r12).
  • I've had the same issue.
  • @simongbb7: Not sure what issue you're reporting, but both issues raised in this thread have been responded to, so if you want help you'll need to provide more info.
  • edited March 11, 2018

    On 9/28/16 you said you removed another add-on to solve the "TypeError: itemGetsource is not a function" error.

    I'm having the same problem. What is the name of the other add-on you removed?
  • @marsh: When a thread is old like this, it's usually better to just start a new thread, since there's no particular reason to think your problem is the same.

    Can you provide a Report ID?
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