Why is Zotero so slow??

In the videos I watch online, Zotero works fast. However, it is so slow in my computer (Windows 10). I have to wait for a while till the inserting citation bar pops up on the word screen. Is there a reason for that? Thank you
  • Is your document very long with many citations? If so, that would be the cause of the slowness. There is currently an overhaul of the Word integration in beta testing that will speed that up dramatically.
  • NO, the document is not long. It happens in new documents too.
  • Can you submit a Debug Log ID for an attempt to insert a citation that is slow?
  • You need to post the Debug ID number here.
  • On my new notebook, the Zotero is slow with numeric and note styles. In a relatively blanc document (about 20 words and 5 citations) have to wait about 1 or 2 sec. to open window for insert citation (debug ID: D1433365838); in a document with 10 pages and 37 citations the time is similar today (D1549112636) but yesterday I waited about 3 sec. This dealy was really long and in the first time, I was thinking about the problem with Zotero.
  • Just my two cents: recently experienced that zotero was very slow when working with "multiple citations." Unchecking the box "keep sources sorted" dramatically increased the speed with which the action was performed. (Note: I am working with Zotero plugin in Word for Mac)
  • Generally, I recommend against using the “Classic” citation dialog. Use the modern “Qucik Format” dialog (change this in the Cite preferences) for faster and more intuitive citing in Word/LibreOffice.
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