Google Scholar Citations in Standalone?

Is there any workaround to make the Zotero Scholar Citations or something similar work in Zotero Standalone?
  • You'll have to ask the author of the add-on. You can install add-ons in Standalone through Tools-->Add-ons, but it would have to be made compatible with ZSA and I doubt scholar citations would work out of the box.
  • The developer appears to be dormant.

    Here is a fast work around which I just discovered:

    1.) Close Zotero Standalone
    2.) Open Firefox
    3.) install Zotero Scholar Citations -->
    4.) Restart Firefox after installation.
    5.) Open Zotero Firefox-based (FF) plug in. IMPORTANT: keep that pesky standalone version *turned off* or this won't work.
    6.) Click the "gear" icon in Zotero FF plug-in to open Zotero settings menu and click "Update all citations"
    7.) View the "Call Number" property in Zotero FF plug-in - it should have some numbers listed, you might not get all numbers for articles (I didn't, but some numbers did fill in)
    8.) Next, open Zotero Standalone and view the Call Number field / property --> it should also contain the same numbers.
    9.) Why? It appears that ZSA uses the same background database table as Zotero FF plug-in. So, when you update the table via Zotero FF plug-in, the updates also show up in Zotero Stand Alone.

    Hope this helps.
  • The author provides an instruction on how to install Zotero Scholar Citations in Zotero Standalone (note that check "Extra" instead of "Call Number" for # of citations):

    "The add-on also supports Zotero Standalone:
    1. Download the add-on from
    2. In Zotero Standalone go to Tools -> Add-ons -> click the settings button in the top-right corner -> Install Add-on From File -> select the downloaded file and restart Zotero."
  • He's continuing to develop it on GitHub:

    The current version is: 1.91

    Zotero Standalone:
    Download the add-on from
    In Zotero Standalone go to Tools -> Add-ons -> click the settings button in the top-right corner -> Install Add-on From File -> select the downloaded file and restart Zotero.
    Zotero for Firefox:
    Install the Firefox add-on from
  • Do you know how to make the field "extra" (the one used to store the number of citations) visible in Zotero standalone, so that it is possible to sort articles based on the number of citations?
  • Just like in the Firefox version, by clicking on the little table icon at the top right of the middle panel and checking "Extra"
  • Thank you adamsmith, now I found it.

    By the way, do you know which specific field is reserved for the number of citations? Because I see now that the "Extra" field is used for the PMID number, and there is apparently no field indicating the citations number.
  • there is no reserved field. They should be able to coexist, but that depends on how the citations plugin is coded.
  • That's strange. I hoped it worked in my case, but apparently the plugin is not well supported in Zotero standalone.
    Do you have any workaround that you use for making it show the number of citations and sort by them?
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    ok, it now worked, after selecting "update all the citations".
  • Installed this as a Firefox app but am not seeing it anywhere in Firefox or Zotero tools or Google Scholar. I'm also not finding instructions online for how to make this extension work. I'm using Firefox 47.o. Is there an icon or something that starts the process in Google Scholar? Thanks for the help.
  • You start the plugin running in Zotero by right-clicking on an item and choosing "update citations" (you can do this with multiple items at once, but be careful not to do so large a number that Google Scholar locks you out).
  • how can I use this plugin in Zotero 5 ?
  • Yep...I have the same question. This addon would be super handy for a massive literature review I'm doing at the moment :) It looks like the addon is dormant now, but maybe someone else could update it to work with 5.0?
  • Mac 10.13.3 with FF:58.0.1 (64-bit) Try with no success to extrat citations from scholar with either:
    - => this gives msg: This add-on is not compatible with your version of Firefox.)
    - => this addon could not be installed because it appears to be corrupted.

    Any help?
  • Right-click on the xpi (from GitHub is preferred) and choose Save Link Target As. Then save the file. Then, in Zotero, click Tools—Addons. Drag the xpi file onto the window that pops up and then click Install in the confirmation window.
  • That works great, tks!!!
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