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I am saving the papers in Zotero, but somehow it does not recognise the first and last name correctly. It does not separate the first and last name in APA format. I cannot properly cite the authors in Word. Is there anyone else having this issue? How Con I solve it? Thank you
  • It can be by the wrong import from the web. Can you provide URL for testing?
    You can solve it by checking names in the Zotero.
    In the middle pane, you should see only surnames of the authors. If you see also the first name, then it seems you use the single field version of the name or you have filled in the full name in the field for sure name.
  • What is the URL that you are importing this paper from. If the name is stored in one field “First Last”, you can click the icon with two rectangles at the right of the egg of the name to switch to the proper two field mode. If the name is stored in two fields, but the names are backwards, right-click on the name and choose Swifch First/Last Names.
  • The name is stored in one field and i do click the rectangle two have two field, however for the authors having more than one name Zotero is not able to find which one is last name which one is name, even though I right click on the name and swap the First/Last Names. I import my papers from ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) website.
  • Single field is for company names primarily and Zotero works with content of single name field as this type of name. You have to correct first and sure name manually if it is necessary. No tool can produce correct bibliography from wrong input.
  • Please also give a specific URL for the site that imports incorrectly.
  • (I'm aware of issues with ASCE import -- also reported by @DWL-SDCA -- and working on a fix)
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    Thank you for your interest. ASCE is a very well known source. Hope this problem will be solved asap. I have already saved all my documents in the library. I have to correct them manually.
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