Item Type for Engineering Standards

I believe that Zotero needs to have an Item Type for "Engineering Standards".
Such as ASTM, NACE, ANSI, European EN, ISO, API etc.

And there should be a related Item for "Recommended Practices".
See NACE for examples of the difference between the two.

Both Types are similar:
Title (usually includes a date)
Reference Number

At the moment I do not see any good way to enter a Standard.
The closest is to call it a Book Section but that's not really correct.

In addition, I think it would be vary useful to have a translator for each type of standard.
I've read about the problems with importing an ASTM standard and tried to use the recommended translator for it, but it didn't work for me.

There is not really a single Creator, it is done by a Committee.
To put the Committee as Creator is not adding value, rather use the Organization field.

In practice, any standard could be traced by:
Title (optional)

The IEEE style guide recommends the following:
Standards Basic Format:
[1] Title of Standard, Standard number, date.
[1] IEEE Criteria for Class IE Electric Systems, IEEE Standard 308, 1969.
[2] Letter Symbols for Quantities, ANSI Standard Y10.5-1968.

Thanks for considering this, and thanks very much for your efforts in supporting Zotero.
Alan Jarvis
  • It's on the list of items under consideration - I'm not 100% where we are on this, but this is the write-up so far:
  • Adam,
    That looks very good.
    I suggest you add a provision for a Draft standard.

    Quite frequently a Draft is issued and circulated for comment before being adopted.

    I am willing to help where I can.
    If you want someone to review a draft for this I am willing.
  • @adamsmith
    I couldn't agree with @WarthogARJ no more , is this project still working?
  • yeah, we hope to have new item types&fields implemented within a year, but since it's tied to larger other changes and has taken a lot longer than planned already, that's not a promise.
  • Is there any progress of getting an item type for an engineering standard? Even a manually entered type would be good. At the moment there's nothing.
    It's quite an important category for engineering and physical science.

    Here's a good example of ways to do it:

    I asked this question in 2012. And it's 2018 now.

    Perhaps you could have a "Custom" user-made type for Zotero?
    It'\s nice to be able to use Zotero as an archive for documents, and any engineer will definitely have hundreds of standards.

    And it would be REALLY nice if there was a way in Zotero to import standards, at least from the main engineering ones. You could handle a large number of them with the following:

    After all, they are STANDARDS, so the meta-data is STANDARDIZED...:-}
  • The timeline for any updates of item type or fields is described (e.g.) here:
  • I'm sorry, but I don't understand how that thread says when we'll get a way to add Standards.
    It says when Zotero 5 is out.
    It's out now.
    But this has been an issue for at least 6 years.

    Can't we get a simple fix?
    Like how about a Custom "Item Type"?
    That an individual could configure themselves?
  • It doesn't say "when Zotero 5 is out". It says:
    Before field update role out, all 4.x clients need to be cut off from syncing, so that was always going to be a bit after 5.0 rolls out, but my understanding is that it's the main priority for the non-minor release following, i.e. 5.1
    I can't give you anything more specific. There is no simple fix (that's the "all 4.x clients need to be cut off from syncing" bit), otherwise this woudn't have taken that long.
  • Any progress on this? It seems a pretty basic requirement for referencing.
  • A new version of CSL with a standard type will hopefully be out this summer.
  • That's good. I would say in addition to the fields mentioned above (Organization,
    Number, Date, Title), it would be useful to add Edition. And many standards also have an ISBN.
  • A regular user here emphasising that implementing engineering standards is desirable. :)
  • yes, please add 'standards' or 'engineering standard',, or better yet, let the user define their own Item Type.
  • A standard item type is included in CSL 1.0.2
  • I'm not seeing "standard" as an item type in Zotero 6..... HELP!
  • New item types & fields are going to be added incrementally. So far the only update is the addition of preprint.
  • +1 for Standards e.g. ISO
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