Deleted tags not deleted after syncing

I have been deleting some tags but they still appear online in the group library after I sync.
Any ideas?
  • How exactly are you deleting the tag?
  • Thanks for responding. While in group library stored on pc, right click on tag; select delete; tag gone; sync to server.
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    @dstillman How long are unused tags expected to persist in the web library before they are purged? I recall at some point that they might stick around for several hours before disappearing.
  • @fcheslack would be able to answer that.
  • @fcheslack Hi again, Thank for your reply @dstillman . Those deleted tags are still there on the online group library. I have synced several times in the last three weeks, but they don't want to leave. Is there anyone there who can help?
  • I assume you've restarted your browser since this began?

    Can you share an example tag that's still showing?
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    Do they still show up if you click the 'refresh' link beneath the tags on the online group library?
  • Thanks for your replies. Yes, I have restarted the browser and refreshed the tags. An example is AUSTRALIA in capital letters in this library .
  • That tag is still linked to an item. Do you not see an item if you click on that tag in the web library? Does that item exist in your local Zotero?
  • Yes it is linked to several items for which the tags have been deleted. Eg the item "A century of political communication in Australia" contains that tag but it shouldn't. I deleted "AUSTRALIA" as a tag for that item and replaced it with "Australia". There are also several other tags linked to that item which have been deleted. Every tag except "Australia", "political communication" and "public relations" was deleted.
    Other metadata seem to be syncing ok - eg I changed some metadata in the last few days - items which you can see in 'recent uploads' and they are fine. But I did not delete any tags in those items.
  • PS, yes that item "Political communication..." exists in my local library with the edited tags.
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