Importing Zotero DB including attached files

Hi, to start, great software. I have one problem though. I managed to export entries from one database (with the option to included the files selected). However, when importing it in another Zotero db, the attachments are not included.

I would say that that is a quit important feature that allows people to share libraries. In this case, there are several people collecting reference material and once in a while we want to merge the different libraries.

I know one could link instead of attach files, but then one has to check the path and make sure the file names are never the same, which is much more work in a collaborative setting like ours.

Cheers, Paulo
  • Attachment exporting was broken in 1.0.0b4.r2. Please upgrade to the latest version, 1.0.0b4.r5, available from the front page.
  • Thanks. Unfortunately, my problem remains.

    I can export a database including attachments. But when importing in another Zotero database, the references are imported, but without their attached files.

    Not sure if that would make the difference, but I have installed both Zotero databases in custom folders, i.e., not in my firefox profile.
  • Just to clarify, was the import that's failing exported in an earlier version, or does this happen if you export from r5 and import into another r5 install?
  • I just updated both to r5 before doing the export - import.

    Just to complement this, references with attached notes are actually imported with their attached notes. But attached pdf files, websites snapshots and other files not.
  • What export format are you using? It seems to work fine for me with Zotero RDF.
  • I am exporting in Zotero RDF...

    I now tried to export zotero references with attachment from database in default location (firefox profile) and importing in database on other computer also in default location.. to no avail.. references are imported, but not their attachments...:-(
  • What OS and Firefox versions are you using?
  • Sorry, should have mentioned that in the beginning, I use Windows XP (with service pack 2) and Firefox version
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