Style request: [Twentieth-Century Music]

  • just updated to the newest version and still have the same problem
  • OK, seeing the cited in short notes (@damnation: it's hidden in title-short, also you want to set form="short" in contributors-short), but the dates still make no sense to me. Trying to figure out what could be causing that. Could you post the full entry that gets you september 21, 2015 so we can try to reproduce that? And also let us know what exactly it says in your date field in Zotero for that?
  • Sorry, I wasn't clear—updating did fix the lowercase date issue.

    Still seeing an issue with publication info for books in notes, and incorrect formatting for translators in bib and notes— "(tran) " instead of "trans."
  • OK, good, then everything is working correctly with the tech. I'm seeing those same issues in the current version.
  • edited January 12, 2018
    notes of books—fixed.
    short notes—not formatted correctly. Only shows author name, not the short title and date (Lastname, Short Title, date).
    translator—still "(trans) " instead of "trans."
  • @damnation -- the whole title-short macro is wrapped into an if disambiguate="true" conditional. No need for that at all.
  • Cheers. I was wondering what that was for...

    Trans. and the short notes should be fixed now:
  • nope, both still have issues. Trans the same. Short notes still not formatted correctly. Title is not in title case and not italicized. Still no year at the end.
  • conference papers also not formatted correctly. In a note I have

    Firstname Lastname, ‘Title’ presented at ConferenceName, (location, year).

    should probably be

    Firstname Lastname, 'title', presented at the conference ConferenceName (location, month year).

    The bib citation is also a little off in similar ways.
  • short footnote for books should have multiple authors joined with "and"
  • trans.:fixed now
    short notes: can you check if it's correct now?
    Conference papers: made a lot of changes (not 100% this is actually correct as in the guidelines this is for "unpublished conference paper".

    P.S.: instead of making 3 post, could you edit your last post (hover over post and click on edit wheel on right corner of post). Makes it a bit easier ;)
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    Hi, sorry, wasn't working on this over the weekend.

    Almost everything is still a problem.

    1. Translator is still not right. You have "Tran." and not "Trans."

    2. conference papers still formatted weirdly. I have Lastname, Firstname, ‘title’, , presented at the conference ConferenceName, place, year, year. why the two commas and the space, I don't know; why the year twice, I don't know. see above for correct formatting.

    3. Also, I just noticed, the bibliography formats all are using commas instead of periods in several places. I think it's been like this for the past few versions but I've just noticed now. Similarly, there are parentheses in several types of items (diss, book, book section, etc) in the bibliography where there should be none—parentheses for publisher info is only used in notes.

    4. something else I just noticed is that I have a podcast in there and its formatting is also quite wonky. I've got Author, Episode Title, ..Mp3. Series Title. They don't specify a format for podcast audio but I would format it as an "internet broadcast".

    5. multiple authors still need to be joined with "and."

    6. books with a later edition are not shown as having an edition at all. Should say nth edn. in a separate sentence after author info.

    7. book section has wrong formatting. I have Lastname, Firstname, ‘Title’, in Title, pages, (location: publisher, year), year. The second year outside the parentheses should be omitted, and pages should go after the publisher info, not before. Same comma/period problem as all items, as mentioned in #3. parenths are in notes only, not bib.
  • is there a visual editor for this so that this can be a more collaborative enterprise? I'd be happy to fix things myself but I'm not much of a coder.

    you'd want to copy and paste the code of the style into the code editor and can then manipulate it in the visual editor and then either save at the top right, or copy & paste back out from the code editor
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  • lol "good luck" is right—I am extremely confused.
  • edited January 15, 2018
    hahaha I am not equipped for this. Maybe sometime in the future. I give up on trying to help for the foreseeable future though I think. Maybe i'll start over again as a weekend project.
  • thanks for trying, I appreciate that. At least you know now how complex and time consuming it is making these styles in my free time. ;)

    1. could you give the example citation that you use and in which fields the info are? can't find anything.
    2. comma is removed; double date:fixed
    3. fixed a lot of them if not all
    4. can you give me a bibtex example for such a reference please?
    5. should be done now
    6. edition: added
    7. fixed per other fixes

  • @mlavengood
    Would you be able to comment on the points I made, so we can move forward with the style and put it on the repository?
  • @mlavengood
    Did you have time to review this? thanks.
  • @mlavengood
    I'd really like to close the pull request for this style and get it out of the way. Did you check the style?
  • Hi, sorry, I think I gave up on working through this and ended up just doing it manually.
  • Really? The style was basically finished. Very odd.

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