Help, I can't manage to citation and ref at the end of my article

edited January 8, 2018
Hello everyone !

I am trying to add my citations in my article for a publication but my references only appear at the end of my document with the citation style "Chicago Manual...(full note)".

In every other styles, Zotero doesn't ask to display citations as footnotes or endnotes... So when I add a citation, I've got the number (e.g. (1) ) in my text but nothing appear at the endpage nor at the document's end...

Does someone know why and how I can add the description of my citations at the end of my document ?

Thank you in advance
  • Click the Add bibliography button. Those are numeric bibliographies, not Endnotes (which they are for Chicago Manual)
  • Thank you adamsmith but when I add bibliography, it only add the number in my textfiles, without any citation (e.g. Author, ‘Title’, Journal, date).

    Is it normal ? How do read the citation if there is only a number ?
  • No, I think you're misunderstanding:
    Add Citation and Add Bibliography are two different buttons.
    Add Citation adds the number; Add Bibliography adds all the other information.
  • I have no button "Store references in document".

    If references are not stored in my document, where are they ?
  • Okay... I think I don't know how to use properly this plugin...

    I would like to insert in my text a brief description (Author, date) and to add at the end of my article the full description (Authors, ‘Title’, Journal, date, DOI),

    Do you know how I can do ?
  • I never mentioned a button "Store References in Document".

    Do you have an "Add Citation" and an "Add Bibliography" button?

    If so, have you tried clicking the "Add Bibliography" button as I've suggested you do?
  • Yes I've tried, the first click only change the police and format of my text, the second click insert a whole reference (authors, date, title, j, page, doi...) directly in my text. If I try to insert another ref elsewhere in the text by moving my cursor, it only modify the first one I added.
  • The “Add/Edit Citation” Button adds the citations to individual papers (the numbers). You use this button to add citations throughout your document.

    The “Add/Edit Bibliography” Button adds the full reference list for all the citations in your document at the position of your cursor. First, delete the bibliography that’s already in your document. Then, put your cursor where you want the reference list in your document. Then insert a new bibliography. The list will automatically update as you add or change citations in your document.
  • Thank you bwiernik !

    I was confused between the two buttons because the few times I used it, it was with the chicago style (full note) and it had everything without using the "bibliography" button.

    Thanks for your explanations
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