I would like to start the #zotero-users IRC channel


(If this doesn't exist already on another IRC network) I think there would be value in having a #zotero-users channel on freenode for the kind of communications where people are interested in talking/chatting about zotero at a high level.

I'd be happy to sit in the channel and field any newb questions (to the level that I understand), and I think there are a lot of people with real world battle scars and the type of experience that would be valuable to share and chat about.

  • I guess the concern would be that it'd be seen as an official Zotero support channel and it would reflect poorly on Zotero if posts there go unanswered.

    As for the regular people here, I'm pretty sure between the forums and twitter we're pretty much at capacity, so this would only work if it were to attract more/other people to provide support.

    That said, I don't speak for Zotero, Dan or Sean would have a definite word on that. I'm also pretty sure that no one would try to stop you from starting such a channel.
  • Hi Tom, it happened I've just tried to join #zotero channel on freenode and found out it's private. Then I found this thread about creating a zotero channel on freenode for Zotero enthusiasts. I think it's a great idea.

    If you're still up to create the channel or need any help, please let me know.
  • I just went the same route as adouwa. Zotero is F/OSS, so that's the intuitive thing to do, too, since everyone's on FreeNode anyays: /join #zotero. Damn shame.
  • Well, I'll hang out on #zotero-users. Feel free to join.
  • Nice, so it's taking off now after all :-)
  • I tried /join #zotero it answered Cannot join #zotero (Channel is invite only).
  • I had the same issues as giby when I just tried to join the channel.
  • it's #zotero-users (I think #zotero is used internally by the Zotero core team)
  • There's noone on this chanel :(
  • Yes, we use this forum :)
  • IRC and forum does not have the same purposeā€¦
  • see my comments above -- the people who are actively working on Zotero just don't have the capacity to be active in yet one more space and there's apparently no demand for a user IRC channel.
  • IRC and forum does not have the same purposeā€¦

    What might be a purpose for a Zotero IRC channel? That is a sincere question. Thanks. I regularly read this forum because I often learn something interesting or useful. I haven't followed anything via IRC in 10+ years. Am I (are we) missing something?
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