Error updating a LibreOffice document

Hi all - I have a problem with Zotero in LibreOffice - see the screenshot here.

This is a 80-page Google Doc that was exported in odt-format to LibreOffice to convert the footnotes and generate the bibliography. It seems to work fine initially, but then I keep running into this error. If anybody has any idea what the problem is and how to fix it, I'd be very grateful, as I have a deadline by tomorrow morning. Thanks! 

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    Update - seems to work now. If you have problems with Zotero in LO, make sure (see here)

    • you have the latest java installed, and for the right version of LO (32-bit LO -> 32-bit java; 64-bit LO -> 64-bit java);

    • your LO knows where to find java: Options->LibreOffice->Advanced. (see here)


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