What do the two "Update Translator" buttons do?

There's one in the connector preferences and one in the general preferences.
I understand that the connector one updates the translators from the local translator folder and that the one in the preferences updates the translators in the local folder from the repo.

What I'm not clear on is whether the connector one _also_ triggers updates from the repo or not.

Or in practical terms, if I've updated a translator on the repo and I want people to be able to use/test it directly, can they just use the update button in the connector or do they have to sequentially update in Zotero proper and then in the connector?
  • edited December 21, 2017
    Zotero translators update immediately when repo is updated, so clicking Update Translators in the Connector should be enough. Otherwise the Connector checks for translators every 24hrs and if Zotero is not running, updates from the repo. We have some improvements down the pipeline which will make it so that if Zotero is running, both Zotero and the Connector will be updated immediately when repo is updated. Should be out within months.
  • Great, thanks, both for explanation & upcoming changes.
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