Feature request: Create note from selected text when saving to Zotero from browser

There is one feature in Pinboard (an online bookmark tool) that I find very useful. Similar to the way Zotero collects references from websites, Pinboard saves bookmarks upon clicking a browser button. Whichever text is selected on the page to be bookmarked is then copied into a note accompanying the bookmark.

Could this behavior be incorporated into Zotero?
  • This is a feature of Zotero already. (It's found with a right-click and >Safe to Zotero.) Unfortunately, the function seems currently out of action – I've tried saving something from Opera, Safari, Firefox and Chrome to no avail. Trust this well be restored, hopefully in the near future. (Mac 10.12.6 / latest Zotero)
  • This isn't available in the 5.0 connectors and it's planned to come back but it'd be effectively a new feature (in only ever existed in Firefox) and so might take a little longer than a simple fix https://www.zotero.org/blog/zotero-5-and-firefox-faq/
  • edited December 20, 2017
    Was fooled by the existence of the menu-item "Safe to Zotero" in the sub-menu opening up upon a right-click. If no text is chosen, the three options show (metadata, with and without snapshot) appear a level deeper. If text *is* chosen "Safe to Zotero" still shows, albeit without arrow or any further options and it just looks as if the text is copied into a Zotero note, like it happened with Zotero FF a while ago ... Yet it's not and never has with 5.0. Just another case of false memory on my part, as adamsmith politely fails to point out.
  • +1 from me!
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