I install Zotero 5.0 and I don't have the Z button

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I've intalled the last version of Zotero and I've lost the Z botton. When I'm navigate in google schoolar I can't save any reference because I don't have this button. Is it neccesary install the pluggin to firefox? I read that the bundle of hand-on are included in Zotero 5.0.

Thanks beforehand.

  • You also need to install the Zotero desktop app:

    The save icon is still there, but it no longer has a Z on it. See here for details on the switch to the new Zotero Connector in Firefox:
  • Yes, I have installed zotero stadalone and the conector with firefox. But I can't save any paper from google scholar.
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    What exactly do you mean "can't save any paper from google scholar"? When you click the Zotero Save Button, what happens?
  • For example, I open zotero and firefox in the page that i'm interested and when i'm going to click in the symbol (like a sheet not the Z button) two options appear: save to zotero with o without snapshoot. I click in any option and not happen anything.
  • 1) Provide a Report ID.

    2) Then follow these steps: Troubleshooting Translator Errors
  • The connector is installed, what is the report ID. I check the options in the troubleshooting translator errors and I don't understand the problem. Maybe I need any extra pluggin? It more recommended use chrome? How can i solve?

  • Dan gave links in his post above with descriptions for how to provide a report ID and the troubleshooting steps to follow. Please read and follow them carefully
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    Sorry, i'm not very familiar with these things and I can't obtain the Report ID, it told me that is a problem of internet but I have connection.

    On the other hand, I've added on tools<add-ond<extensions: zotero connector 5.0.29, zotero scholar citations 1.9.3 and zotero word for window 5.0.5.sa.5.0.30. As well I've changed the addons into the address bar though Zotero Connector<preferences<general the authorize of the credentials and in “Advanced” when i press the submit report I obtain:

    An error occurred submitting your error report.

    HTTP request to https://www.zotero.org/repo/report rejected with status 503

    Please check your internet connection. If the problem persists, please post a message to the Zotero Forums (forums.zotero.org)

    My windows version is 7.

  • Try to submit a report again now.
  • Your error report has been submitted.

    Report ID: 1543889303

    Please post a message to the Zotero Forums (forums.zotero.org) with this Report ID, a description of the problem, and any steps necessary to reproduce it.

    Error reports are not reviewed unless referred to in the forums.
  • OK, there are no errors in there. If you're still having trouble saving, see Troubleshooting Translator Errors.
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