numéro comme seconde clé de tri

Dans une collection, est-il possible de trier en second sur le numéro de publication ? Le champ numéro n'apparait pas dans la liste possible.
Mes items sont souvent issues de publication sous la forme 12(1) 13(1-2) ou 14(4) etc (volume+numéro) contenant plusieurs articles. Je n'arrive pas à les avoir à l'écran regroupées tous sous le même numéro de publication dans un volume. Tous les items d'un même volume sont mélangé.
Merci pour votre aide. GG
  • Yes, you can only use secondary sort for a small number of columns, not including issue (i.e. numero in French) -- not sure if there's any reason for this or if this is just GUI related @dstillman ?
  • Yes there is a reason (for me). I'm including thousand of publications and this is usefull in this process, I assure you. Here is the point :
    I include ocr pdf files bulletin by bulletin. On the other hand, I have already items in Zotero for those bulletins. This feature could facilitate the selection of pack of items.
    In fact, it exist another solution using the loop tool with 2 conditions. For exemple : 1=publication egal "SMF", and 2= numéro egal 1. Unfortunatly, this research does not work. The result is always no item... but I know they exist.
    All the best. GG
  • (I was asking dstillman if there's a particular reason on the Zotero side why there aren't more options for secondary sort; I understood your use case).

    I'm suspecting the search problem is related to translation. Zotero in English distinguishes between "Number" (as in patent number or report number) and "Issue" (as for journals and magazines) and I'm guessing these may be the same in French and you're searching for the former when you're looking for the latter. See if you can find another term similar to Numero in the advanced search (or someone with a French copy installed would have to help here)
  • Yes, in Advanced Search, to Search by Journal issue, you need to choose « Numéro (périodique) ». Numéro alone is for things like patent number.
  • En effet, en rajoutant un critère de recherche sur le n° de périodique, j'obtiens ma liste. Parfois, on passe à côté des solutions simples... Merci.
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