Is Zotero running?

When I click save to Zotero in Firefox I get the message "is Zotero running?" Which is an invitation to click away and get the new standalone application fired up.

Please could you integrate the two? So when I click the save to Zotero is automatically fires up Zotero. The seamless integration under the "old" version was very good.

  • Not possible, sorry. The new Firefox extension framework is much more limited and doesn't allow things like starting external programs — which, of course, is the reason for the change to begin with. Your best option is just to leave Zotero running in the background when you might want to save to it. (You can also allow it to save to your online library, and it'll do that without prompting until after the next time you have Zotero open. Online saving won't work quite as well in all cases, though we're going to try to improve it further in future versions.)
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