Where is the Zotero splite file with the new Zotero Connector

When Firefox made my old Zotero extension obsolete, I installed the Zotero Connector. However, none of my configured proxies (in the Zotero.splite file) have carried over. It would be a huge undertaking to reconfigure all the proxies. Is there someway to transfer over the proxies in my Zotero.splite file to Zotero Connector?
  • You need to install the Zotero 5 desktop app from http://Zotero.org/download
  • Thanks but my proxies still have not carried over.
  • The proxies aren’t part of the Zotero.sqlite database. You can copy them from your old Zotero profile directory:

    But it would likely just be easier to just revisit your sites through the proxy and re-associate them.
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    No, that's incorrect — proxies in Zotero for Firefox were stored in zotero.sqlite, and the 5.0 upgrade should normally use that database and make them available to the Connector to download and store in its own settings.

    @richardliu, try restarting your browser with Zotero open. I believe the current code only does its one-time check for proxies from the client when it starts up, and Zotero has to be open at the time for that to work. It should keep trying on startup until it's successful, though.

    (This is assuming your Zotero is using your updated database from 4.0. If you open your Zotero data directory, look for a zotero.sqlite.77.bak file, which indicates that this you're using an upgraded database (instead of say, a new database that you synced from your online library, which wouldn't contain your proxies).)
  • (Sorry for the error.)
  • Thank you, this gets me one step closer. Based on your directions, I am able to locate the zotero.splite file. I replaced it with my old one, which has all my proxies. However, in Firefox, the proxies still do not update. Making things even more confusing, I am noticing that my proxies in Zotero and Chrome are not syncing. If I visit a site in Chrome and a proxy is configured for it, that configured proxy does not appear in my Zotero Connector in Firefox and vice versa. Essentially, this means I need to configure each proxy twice or stick to just one browser for using Zotero Connector.
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    Proxies aren't currently synced between browsers, though that will probably happen at some point. Again, they're only pulled from the client once. That happens 1) at browser startup, 2) when Zotero is open, and 3) when the proxies.clientChecked hidden pref is set to true in the connector.

    Really, though, this shouldn't be that big of a deal. Once you have a proxy configured — which should happen automatically after you log into your proxy once — Zotero will auto-associate additional sites you click through via your proxy, and if you find yourself on a site directly that you want to view proxied, you can right-click on the connector toolbar icon and choose Reload via Proxy, which will reload the site and add it to the proxy entry. There's not really any reason you should ever need to manually add a host to a proxy by hand.
  • (I've moved some further discussion of the Reload via Proxy feature to a separate thread to keep this one on track.)
  • Thanks, it will be great when the proxies are synced between browsers. My configured proxies from my old Zotero app on Firefox are all gone and have not carried over to the new Zotero connector and standalone. When I go to Zotero Connector in Firefox and Chrome, both show a clean slate and I need to repopulate the proxies one at a time. I can't seem to find the hidden pref either.
  • Can I ask why you think you need to recreate them all manually? Put aside that the entries aren't there. What's the actual issue you're experiencing?
  • Also, can you provide a Report ID from the connector, just so we can make sure you're running the expected version?
  • Thanks, I was able to pull over my old proxies in the end. (The reason this was an issue was because Zotero does not auto-associate new sites most of the time.) I also noticed different proxy IDs on Chrome and Firefox. I am not sure how big of an issue that is. i am using Zotero version 5.0.29 on both Chrome and Firefox.
  • (The reason this was an issue was because Zotero does not auto-associate new sites most of the time.)
    I'm not sure what you mean by that. What are you doing, what's happening or not happening, and what did you expect to happen?
    I also noticed different proxy IDs on Chrome and Firefox. I am not sure how big of an issue that is.
    I don't know what you mean by "different proxy IDs".
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