Zotero from Feedley and Tweetbot?

I monitor a range of RSS Feeds and tweets with Feedly and Tweetbot respectively. At the moment, anything of interest, I save to "Instapaper", and then routinely visit all of the things saved in Instapaper, visit the relevant sites and then save to zotero (at which point I tag them, categorize etc). Is there a way of taking instapaper out of the loop, and going straight from FEEDLY and Tweetbot to Zotero?
  • It sounds like you're looking for the first feature listed here:
    no ETA, obviously, but as you see it's planned.

    That'd take out feedly, too. It might be possible to write something for feedly, along the same lines that we have a google blogs translator, but it wouldn't work terribly well.
  • I'd argue to *keep* the Instapaper step in as a general inbox for articles of interest. Those related to a specific topic of research I sort in folders, the content of which ideally would be sent automagically to Zotero, by way of e.g. Zapier. Not sure if either of these services would support such an outlined functionality.
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