Issues with Word displaying my citations correct! Paper due HELP!!

I did the update and use Firefox as my browser. My Word document is not showing my citations correctly. And example is: {ADDIN ZOTERO_ITEM CSL_CITATION...

and lots of other text including the abstract of the citation. I appreciate any guidance! Thank you!
  • press alt+F9 (alt+FN+F9 on Mac) to show/hide field codes.
  • Thank you so much for your help! I tried that and it gave me this message!

    Removing field codes will prevent Zotero from updating citiations and bibliographies in this document. Are you sure you want to continue?

    When I tried it, it removes the connection to be able to add citations and bibliographies. It does remove the codes but that isn't helpful! I need add additional citations!

    Any suggestions please?
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    What exactly did you try. Alt+f9 would not delete fields codes and not show that message
  • You are on deadline and anxious. I will try to further explain what @adamsmith said. First, save a copy of your document. Don't try to do anything except what was recommended above. We are assuming you are using a Windows machine.

    The key combination Alt-F9 is like an on/off light switch. If you see the extra characters (instead of the author (year) or the reference number (if you are using a numbered style); pressing Alt-F9 simultaneously will change the text to only show the citation. If you see a document without the extra stuff and press the keys, the extra stuff will appear.

    The key combination does nothing to affect keeping or removing the Zotero field codes from your document. This only controls whether or not the field codes are visible. Someone can explain more about _permanently removing_ field codes when this immediate crisis is resolved.
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