Any chance we'll be able to clip from Vimeo? That'd be wonderful!
  • shouldn't be terribly hard - what exactly would you want in the data?
    Also - what to do about attachments? I haven't checked this out in detail, but it looks like we would likely be _able_ to download the MP4 files - but I'm not convinced that it's a great idea to have Zotero download a 20MB+ file w/o any prior warning.
  • Yeah, probably not the best idea to download without warning! I don't think it'd need to pull more data than what we get from the typical YouTube video--Title, Contributor, Abstract, Date, Running Time, URL, Accessed, Date Added/Modified.

    I'd have done it myself a while ago if I knew anything about coding :)
  • there is now a basic Vimeo translator - update your translators manually from the General tab of the Zotero preferences or wait 24hs for an auto-update. You may have to restart Zotero before this will work. Hover over the camera icon (or folder for searches) to see whether Zotero is actually using the vimeo translator.

    As I say, this is basic, anything important that's missing let me know, most things should be quick to add.
  • Wonderful! Thanks so much--this will be very helpful.
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    thanks so far. is there a chance that zotero imports the author (in this case user) of the video, the date, the video was uploaded and that it imports it as a videofile? can I contribute to this?

    best jakob
  • we won't import video files, no (they're too big and I don't think vimeo provides a download link, so we'd have to hack something). It should import author and date, though, I'm testing here:
    where is that not working for you?
  • I think I didn't make clear what I am after. I want the type that is imported to be a "videofile" rather than a "website". Just like Zotero imports media from YouTube.
    The other thing is that Zotero won't show me the import-icon in the address bar. I have to open up Zotero (plugin) and import it via the button "make new entry from current website" (the 5th button from the left in Zoteros toolbar). That way it does not import the vimeo user as "author". Am I doing something wrong?
  • is that the case for the page I link to above? I get the URL bar icon and import as a video (not webpage).
    This is on Firefox?
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    It is the case with the link above. I deactivated all other plug-ins (including plug-ins for zotero but not Zotero itself) in Firefox and checked again. Still no luck. It works fine with YouTube. I made two screenshots of the adressbar:

    I am on Mountain Lion 10.8.3 and Firefox 21.0

    PS: When I use the "Save to Zotero"-button (javascript:var%20d=document,s=d.createElement('script');s.src='';(d.body?d.body:d.documentElement).appendChild(s);void(0);) I get an error-message saying there is no Zotero Translator for the page.
  • I figured it out! When I log into my Vimeo account—which I am most of the time—all the traffic is send over secure http (https). When I log out the icon appears and I can use Zotero directly. Could you add https to the translator?
  • shouldn't be hard. I'll take a look.
  • A translator fix is now up. Your version of Zotero will automatically update within 24hs, or you can update manually using the "Update Now" button in the "General" tab of the Zotero preferences.

    Any further problems let us know & thanks for reporting

    (Problem wasn't the https - we almost always accept both - but some other subtle changes when you log in)
  • Thanks! I've been testing it and it works fine. There is only one issue now. That is, when I am logged in the title is imported as "title on vimeo", whereas when I'm logged out it's imported as "title". Can you get rid of that extra "on vimeo"? Oh, and it still does not import the author.
  • "on Vimeo" should now be removed.
    Same update instructions as above.
    I do get authors when logged in though - do you have an example where that's not the case?
  • Where can I find the translator source code? Vimeo doesn't work for me and I'd like to have a look.
  • The translators source on github is here:

    but you should look in the translators folder within the Zotero data folder

    or, better yet, work directly with Scaffold:

    so you can test your changes immediately.
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