YouTube Translator issues with Beta

Running Zotero 5.0.28-beta.2+824114907 and Firefox 59.0a1 (2017-11-24) (64-bit)
I experience two issues with the YouTube translator.

Report ID: 431412667

1. If I go to a YouTube page, I see the camera Icon of the Zotero Extension, If I click that the video is added to Zotero as expected. However, if I continue to browse YouTube, the icon changes to the unclickable Z or a document icon. If it's the document Icon, the first browsed to video will be added to Zotero, not the current one. Workaround: reload the page, then add to Zotero.

2. The Date Field is not passed to Zotero, It should be the date of the publication (upload) to YouTube.
  • Can you give a specific URL where things are working for each of the two problems?

    For the first problem, can you submit a Debug ID from the connector (right-click on the save button, open preferences, then Advanced) where you show this sequence of steps? Do one where you import and it imports the first video. Then do one where you reload and import the correct one.
  • mxn
    edited November 27, 2017
    Connector Debug ID is D1386389299.
    Went to YouTube page (Webcam icon shown) added successfully to Zotero. Clicked on one of the related videos on the sidebar and then could not add it (Z icon is shown)
  • mxn
    edited November 27, 2017
    Both problems show on any YouTube page/video. Trying to find a pattern, right now I can only reproduce the unclickable Z icon. It happens on 100% of the videos. Before I had the document icon a few times..
  • mxn
    edited November 27, 2017
    Another suggestion for the YouTube translator: use the YouTube ID for the "Call Number" field in Zotero. The YouTube License may go into "Rights" and the maximum resolution (for ex. 720p) could go into "Format".
  • Additionally BibLaTeX complains: No driver for entry type 'video'.
  • Ok, so this is partially caused by running Firefox 59. Firefox 57 works fine - webcam icon is displayed, and partially caused by a translator issue, where after clicking on related videos the page is updated via javascript and the translator scrapes old data.
  • I back traced the issue start from 57.01. Tested on Mac with Hombrew cask version.

    57 is fine.
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