APA Multireference In-Text Citation

I am using APA style in my study. There is a really strange bug in APA Multireference In-Text Citation.
When I find the first reference it is okay: Blosser, 2017
Then second reference: Blosser, 2017; Hasse, 2002
But when I find the third reference it is very strange: Blosser, 2017; Hasse, 2002, Making differences matter Thomas and Ely, 1996
The last part is (Thomas and Ely, 1996) okay but the search part of this third displays in the box: "Making differences matter"
Always I have to delete the search part (Making differences matter)
Why the search part stays there?
Thank you
  • That is most likely an issue with your data in Zotero. Check that “making differences matter” isn’t in the author field.
  • Hi,
    What do you mean “making differences matter” where I can find it. I got the problem in every multi APA in text reference display.
    Also in Zotero 4, I could edit the reference in text but now I cannot edit it. Could you help me.
    Thank you
  • Oh, are you saying that part of the text you are searching for stays in the search window after selecting the citation? If so, don't worry about it—just finish inserting the citation by typing Enter/Return.

    If the citations aren't formatting correctly after you finish inserting, then please paste here exactly how they appear.

    Regarding editing the references in text, that has not changed. The best way to edit references is to click on the blue bubbles in the Add Citation window, then type the page number, prefix, or suffix in the boxes that appear. (You can make this subwindow appear also by typing Ctrl/Cmd-Down Arrow in the Add Citation field).
  • Hi,
    Thank you very much.
    I found the source of the problem. When I touch tab or add space after insert citation successfully, the part of the text I am searching for stays in the search window after selecting the citation. I learned that I don't add any space or touch tab after any reference.
    Thank you
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