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I have unlimited storage and I have two big libraries (a 53 GB and 39 GB libraries). I would like to merge these two libraries. What is the easiest way to it?
Thank you
  • How are those libraries currently synced?
  • Hi,
    They are syneced as separately.
    Thank you
  • as in -- from two separate accounts, yes?
  • If so, the only way to do this that is 100% lossless is to set up a private group and have both of those accounts join the group. Then
    1. Move all items from the library you want to merge _from_ into the group (remember you can drag&drop collections or groups of items)
    2. Sync -- this will take some time
    3. Move all items from the group to the library want to merge _to_.
    4. Once you've convinced yourself all is well, delete the group (and possibly the account you merged from).
  • Hi,
    I cannot drag and drop big size folder. For example, I drag a 5GB folder to the new place (many times) but it did not work but I can drag and drop less size folder without no problem.
    Also, I have report ID 1590317190
  • Also Debug ID: D618080858
  • What exactly do you mean by “it did not work”? If it seems like the folder isn’t copying over, copying a collection that large will likely take some time (several minutes). Let it run, and it should eventually finish.

    Or do you mean that the item attachments aren’t syncing? What is your Zotero storage quota? If you don’t have 5 GB of free space, that would explain why it’s not syncing.
  • Hi,
    I have an unlimited quota.
    I tried to drag and drop and waited for a long while but nothing changed. For big size folder, copying from one folder to another folder doesn't work although for small size folder works
  • Can you submit a Debug ID (from Help menu) for an attempt to drag a large collection that you’ve let run for a long time?
  • This is the Debug ID: D618080858
  • Okay, we will need to let the Zotero devs look at the report.
  • Hi,
    I would like to actually transfer all my group library (Umit Gunes Library, 80 GB) to My Library. Could you transfer it from the database? Is it possible?
    Thank you
  • Hi,
    I transfer all my 80GB library to "My Library" without no problem. But the problem is I still see my storage of "My Library" ( 800 MB. Why the web is not synced. It should be 800 MB + 80 GB? What is the problem?
    Also, I synced my desktop but it did not work.
    Thank you
  • It's likely just that file upload hasn't finished (that is a really big sync). If you hover your mouse over the green sync arrow, does it mention uploading files?

  • I have been waiting for an hour but nothing changed. When I go over to the green arrow it says downloading, doesn't show anything about uploading.
  • Hi,
    After for a long time now it is ok. I would like to inform you.
    Thank you
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