Sources in sub-folders not showing up in higher-level folders

Hi there,

I am working off of a shared library and I have been having a minor (but very frustrating issue) with the folder structure and viewing sources within these folder hierarchies.

For example:

-Folder "A":
--Subfolder "A1"
---Sub-Subfolder "A1.1"
---Sub-Subfolder "A1.2"

When I click Folder A, my assumption is that Zotero should show every source located in subfolder A1 (and therefore any source in sub-subfolder A1.1 and A1.2). Similarly, clicking sub-folder "A1" should show display everything in folders within A1 (i.e "A1.1" and "A1.2"). Are these assumptions correct?

If so, this is not what happens with the majority of folders or subfolders in my Shared Library. Depending on which higher-level folder I click, it either shows 0 sources or only a subset of the sources in the sub-folders (I can't identify a pattern in this variability). The only time I see all of the sources appearing is in folders at the bottom of my folder hierarchy (A1.1 and A1.2 in the example above).

Am I overlooking something here?

Thanks for your help,
  • The behaviour you expect is available but it's neither the default nor easy to locate.

    You need to set the hidden preference 'extensions.zotero.recursiveCollections' to true by opening up the Preferences within Zotero, selecting the Advanced tab and then clicking on the Config Editor button. Next, filter on the extensions.zotero.recursiveCollections in the Search bar and then double click to toggle to true.

    Personally I would like this behaviour to be configurable from the context menu of items within the collections pane because sometimes it's useful to have a collapsed view of the recursive (sub-)folders and sometimes it's not, e.g. when you need to know which (sub-)collection an item is actually in so that you can move it up or down within a particular sub-tree. As things stand it's harder than it need be.
  • (I agree -- I think it's weird that preference is hidden)
  • I now remember that I had previously posted on this but I see that it didn't make too much of an impact then ...
  • Yeah, making that more visible has come up many times. The main problem with using the collection context is that it's not specific to a single collection, so showing a checkbox there would be a bit weird.

    We could just put it in the General -> User Interface prefs, but a better option, now that we're standalone-only, is probably to add a View menu and move this and various other UI settings (e.g., showing/hiding the left and right panes) there.
  • Yeah, agree, much better (and more easily findable&accessible) in view menu.
  • edited August 12, 2019
    In the latest Zotero beta, we've added a View menu that incorporates the UI prefs as well as a new "Show Items from Subcollections" option for the recursiveCollections hidden pref.
  • Thank you!
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