Zotero 5 portable: Search feature bug?

Hi, since the last 2-3 updates (sorry, I forgot when this started) Every-time I try to search in my library, after a few seconds that the search is done, the key word(s) in the search field is/are automatically deleted and the filter of my library is removed, showing me again the entire library. This is a kinda pain in the back since If I am not super fast, I cannot find the item I was looking for. It happens no matter if I select "title, author,year" or "everything". is anyone aware of this issue?
  • Does this happen with an installed version of Zotero?
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    I don't know. I am just using the portable version.

    P.s.: Actually, it is not always behaving in that way. For example, I had to close and open the program a couple of times today for a reason or another and now it is working! The same happened in the past weeks. If I close it and reopen a few times I might end up with a working "version".
  • It’s difficult to know if it’s an issue with the portable app (which is not packaged by Zotero) or with Zotero itself.
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    This is a problem with me also. Running 5.0.27 and occurs under both Windows and Linux Mint. Would be grateful for a fix, it is very annoying especially in such an important function. many thanks
    PS as with Breath, it does not always behave (misbehave) like this, sometimes it is fine but mostly not and I have not yet reproduced the conditions under which the problem goes away
  • portable or regular version?
  • Regular (standalone) version.

    I've been exploring the behaviour again just now. If I make a query then move across to the right pane (as if to edit a record), then the search term and matching records remain visible and this view is stable (for hours, at least). But now I enter a new search term and unless I do something else, after a short period (10 or 20 seconds?) the new search term and the filtered records disappear, to be replaced by a blank search box and the full database is again visible (~41,000 records). But now I have repeated that, then moved the cursor to another window (to type this comment) and the search and filtered records remains stable this time! I'm sorry I but I still can't identify the conditions that recreate the problem every time.

    (The only extensions I have installed are LibreOffice and Word integration, if that matters.)

    Thanks for looking into this.
  • Can you submit a Debug ID (in the Help menu) For a sequence where are you search and then the search cancels itself?
  • Sure.

    "Debug output has been sent to zotero.org.

    The Debug ID is D252125799"
  • Hi Zotero team. Any progress on this? The problem has not gone away.
  • Can you provide a new Debug ID for this with the latest version?
  • thanks for following up. I've submitted a new debug report:


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