Can tags be moved from Parent to Parent?

Suppose I have a parent item which is not complete with metadata for various reasons. I don't like having loose PDFs floating around as parent items in my library, so if I cannot find metadata for the material at least I create a parent a parent item named the same as the title of the pdf. Meanwhile I am working on my notes.

P.S. this usually happens when the material is a section of a book published in a journal or online magazine years later.

Eventually I decided that I will source the article rather than the book. My material is extracted from an article as well but I know for a fact there was a book with the exact same text. So I located the online article and checked the content was the same, as my material was published as an article in 2003, while the book was 1976. I collected the data from the website using Zotero. Consequently creating a new parent (with metadata). I moved my notes and the pdf to the new parent and deleted the old parent.

Of course I totally forgot about that I had made tags to the parent. Is there way in the future to copy parent tags to the new parent instead of punching them manually?

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