Problem with French quotation marks


I have just created (from the American Political Sciences Association - author-date) a "French" citation style. It works well but I still have two problems. Zotero seems to recognize nor the French quotation marks « ... » neither the "bubble" used for issue numbers : nº.
Here is how I coded the quotation marks, were applicable:
prefix="« " suffix=" »".

When I use the tool chrome://zotero/content/tools/csledit.xul to preview the outcome of the style, everything works. But when I use the style to cite in Word, the outcome for these symbols is weird (error symbol).

Can anyone help me sorting this out ?

  • Probably no reason to repost:

    Perhaps you didn't use UTF-8 characters in the CSL or perhaps the font in your bibliography doesn't use UTF-8? And does your style validate?
  • Thanks for your reply. I reposted because I got no answer to my question on the discussion you mention...
    I tried to re-create a csl document, starting from a "clean" APSA style, and encoding it in UTF-8. But I still do not get my "french" quotation marks.
    But obviously I have a problem with my style as, says this when I try to validate the csl document:
    Schema error – Cannot find preset schema for namespace:

    I must say however that I do not understand what this error message means... Any clue or advise would be much appreciate... Thanks!
  • Also, how can I know if my font uses UTF-8? I am currently using Garamond on MSWord.
  • Thanks. Actually, the validation does not work for the APSA style available in the Zotero repository neither...
    But, for some mysterious reason, I managed to solve my problem using this code:
    prefix = "« "
    suffix = " »"
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