Sometime in the past 30 minutes, the NCBI PubMed translator stopped working for me. I've tried:

amongst others. This was working fine just moments ago...

Using zotero 1.5-sync3.6.
  • Restarting Firefox will probably fix it. This problem should be fixed in SP 3.7, which should be out shortly.
  • curiously, restarting FFx yesterday didn't solve the problem, but when I logged back in today, it righted itself. Also, it turns out that the failed citation saves still made it into "My Library," just not into the selected collection.

  • PubMed Translator problems again?
    Yesterday and today (April 20 & 21 2009) we are not seeing the Zotero folder icon when searching PubMed.

    We only see the single citation download icon (piece of paper). Everything is up-to-date; Firefox, Zotero translators.

    Ann Viera
    Pendergrass Library
    UT Knoxville
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