Where is my "Z"?

During the last week my trusty "Z" icon in Firefox has dissapeared. I can activate Zotero by opening Firefox menu system. I see Firefox has added "stuff" like the 'pocket' (?) and some 'shears' and wonder if this "stuff" has replaced the useful Z?
Is this a local anonomly on my machine?

I'm running Zotero 4.0.xx

I will upgrade to 5 but need this to stay stable for a short while longer.

Thanks for your help.
  • The icons may have moved to the overflow menu (accessible from the right edge of the toolbar) or the menu panel (accessible from the three-bars icon to the right of the toolbar). You can also check the Customize view.

    (And as it sounds like you know, the Z icon is going away with Zotero 5.0, but that shouldn't be relevant if you still have Zotero 4.0 for Firefox rather than the Zotero Connector.)
  • Thanks for that mighty quick response. Not even finished my coffee! It's not hiding there either, unfortunately.
    I guess since I can open it this won't hurt functionality?
    Also, I'm assuming everything is forward comptable i.e., insertions written by 4 into a Word 16 document will be read and work under Zotero 5?
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    Yes, documents are actually forwards and backwards compatible between Zotero 4 and 5.

    (it's very odd that you'd see the Z neither in Customize nor in the overflow, though; you've checked both?)
  • I have just checked the overflow (not there) and then realized there is the customized section at the bottom (the plus). A click on that shows up the "Z" lets me add it back.

    There is two Z's there - I don't know why. The one I've add let's me add references which is what I need.

    Thanks! Big help.
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