Can a function of "field" searching in the "tag search" be added in?

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The tag search is very handy. I like the way it suggests the tags you have made, as well as colours, etc.

Please don't take this as criticism, only an opinion. I find it a little strange that you can search tags in the top right corner too. I guess the "tag search" down the bottom
makes it more graphically appealing, and allows you to manage your tags, plus promps tag suggestions. But what I find weird is that since the top right corner can search tags and fields, why not allow the same function down the bottom as well. The lack of creates a problem in my workflow, and I think my workflow is reasonable.

For example. I have realised how powerful the "field" search really is. It scans your notes! While tagging is extremely handy, and for that reason I am tagging a lot, it can have some drawbacks. For example long strings of words, etc. It can be tagged too sure, but it's just a little unnecessary at times. The field search just does the job neatly regarding that! My point is that there are certain searches, and at times mutually inclusive with tags, that can be done just by the field search, especially when I am certain the keyword or buzz word is in my notes. This brings me to a problem.

Because I don't like searching tags on the top, where there are no suggestions, but the bottom doesn't search fields. It makes no sense to be making double searches frequently on the top and the bottom. And it just seems strange to me that since the search of fields and tags is possible on the top, why can't it be on the bottom as well?

With all due respect, as I realise how hard and time consuming it must be to code...
  • The two searches have a different purpose: One of them allows you to quickly find Zotero items, the other one allows you to quickly find tags.
    The two are completely different and it makes sense to have them be different (and in different locations)

    If you need really precise searches, there is always advanced search
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    @adamsmith create a note child item. Write 2 lines of text. The first line will become the title of the note. Make sure the second line contains different words than the 1st for this experiment.

    Now go to the search top/right and type in any word from the second line of the note. You will see it will find the item containing it.

    Similarly, if I was to make a tag for the item in question, the tag search down below would lead me to the same item.
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    No, you're misunderstanding this. The search field in the tag selector simply filters the list of tags in the tag selector so that you can click on the one you want. It's just a shortcut for scrolling down the list to find the tag you want. Clicking on tags in the tag selector is what filters items, not typing in the tag selector search field.
  • Oh I see. They only work as clickables. Thanks.
  • Just in case you do not know this: selecting multiple tags joins them as AND. So, if you have 35 items with Tag1 and 60 items with Tag2, but 15 items that have both Tag1 and Tag2 (think Venn diagram), then when you select Tag1, you will see only items that have ATLEAST Tag1 - i.e. 35 items. You will now also see the other tags associated with these 35 items (but not see tags not associated, thus your displayed tag list will reduce). And Tag2 will be one of the displayed tags. Now, when you select Tag2 (while Tag1 is also selected), your displayed items list will be shortened to 15 items.

    Thus, you can use tags to zero down on items that meet exactly the topic or subtopic you are looking for. You cannot achieve this functionality through notes.

    An ordered taxonomy of tags for your items is extremely handy and fast.
  • Yes, I noticed that. Thanks. Just somehow I thought I could type in search lol.

    Thanks for the tip.
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